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Local World War

With the new year comes a new exhibit! The temporary exhibit case on the 2nd floor has been changed out and an exhibit of local artifacts and letters from both World Wars have been put on display. These include ration stamps and tokens, letters, and articles that pertain to our local area during World War...

December 16, 2013February 3, 2020

Winter is Here!

  Winter is here! The snow may have left us for a little while, but anyone can tell you that it will surely be back! It’s hard to imagine how people coped without snowplows and snowblowers but somehow they did. I imagine that there were some hardworking horses before automobiles and tractors became more common...

December 19, 2012February 3, 2020

Past and Present

One of the most fascinating things about going through older photographs of Harbor Springs are the glimpses of the past that they bring. You can recognize buildings and places in these old photographs and see how they were 100 years ago. Often as a child, I would look at the world around me and wonder...

November 7, 2012February 3, 2020

Temporary Election Exhibit

Hello everyone! My name is Talia and I have been working as an archivist and collections manager at the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society since June. I grew up in Harbor Springs but I have never been so aware of the history of the town as I have been going through the archives. There are...

October 11, 2012February 3, 2020

Warming up to Winter

  At a recent gathering of historical society and museum folk, our group facilitator started off our meeting by asking us to introduce ourselves, our organizations and, as an icebreaker of sorts, tell what we like most about living in northern Michigan in January. My answer was simple. I like January because, slowly but surely,...

January 31, 2011February 3, 2020

Celebrating 20 Years of HSAHS History!

That’s right, the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society is turning 20. Can you believe it? The date was March 6, 1990, when founders Marge May, David deWindt, Linda Rosenow, Jan Morley, Nancy Morton, Nancy Gurney and Arthur Barnes had their first official meeting.

February 24, 2010February 3, 2020

A Happy New Year Indeed!

Last month, the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society learned that we are the recipients of a 2009 Award of Excellence given by the Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan in Traverse City. Our museum project was nominated by Spence Brothers, the general contractor for the renovation that was completed in December 2008.

February 4, 2010February 3, 2020