Artifact Donation

The Historical Society’s Collection is held in trust for the public. This commitment to preserving the heritage of our community is at the core of all collections-related activity.

Our Collection contains both archival and three-dimensional artifacts with the majority of the Collection consisting of photographs and photographic negatives, books and other two dimensions objects such as maps, correspondence, invoices and advertisements.

We are actively collecting items, however, we only accept artifacts which relate to our mission and to the Harbor Springs area. These include:

  • Artifacts that relate to the establishment of the city of Harbor Springs and its historic residents and visitors.
  • Artifacts that relate to the area’s first residents, the Odawa.
  • Artifacts from significant farms, people, businesses, manufacturers, industries, clubs and community organizations located in the Harbor Springs area (defined as Harbor Springs, Cross Village, Good Hart, Little Traverse Township, West Traverse Township, Pleasantview Township, Friendship Township, Readmond Township and Cross Village Township).
  • Artifacts that relate to the lives, customs, dress or resources of residents of or visitors to the Harbor Springs area.

All items donated to the society must be donated unconditionally and with the understanding that they will become the property of the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society. 

If you are interested in donating, please contact curator Beth Wemigwase at or call 231-526-9771.