Our History

Since its founding in 1990 by a small group of concerned citizens committed to preserving the history of the area, the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society (HSAHS) has continued to grow.

For much of our history, HSAHS was a small, volunteer-run organization with limited paid staff. Board members and community members volunteered their time to host the annual Shay Days celebration as well as to welcome visitors to the summer reading room at Jo Ford Park.

HSAHS has expanded to include a full-time executive director, a diverse and full board of trustees and a reputation for hosting outstanding historically based programs and events. In addition, the organization embarked on a incredible journey to adaptively reuse the former city hall building as a local history museum.

Today, our reputation for strong historical programs continues inside the doors of the Harbor Springs History Museum where exceptional exhibits and hands-on activities will continue to tell the story of Harbor Springs’ unique history.

Together the HSAHS trustees and staff are constantly working toward the organization’s vision: To ensure that our collections and the stories they tell are accessible to all people. To be recognized regionally as a center of learning, imparting historical knowledge that shapes, informs and inspires the present and future.